The Transitory Nature of Content on the Internet →

This article explores something I have independently come to realize about the internet. The idea that anything we post will last forever is more so an adage than a claim that content has permanence. There is plenty of content I wish I had kept online, but either due to embarrassment or wanting a clean slate, I wiped it from history. Deletion is easier than creation.

The author also discusses the melancholy of finding beautifully-written content that may be abandoned by its writer. I find myself feeling lonely visiting places online that lack recent updates.

I’d like to explore this more since I do think about it a lot.

Hopefully by the time we’re expanding the human species into space, there will be a way to simulate the smell of a summer evening.

After almost a week and a half of resting, I’m back to lifting again. I am almost two years into consistent weightlifting and was reflecting on times earlier in my life when I decided to give up exercise. The reason I always had for quitting was it caused more stress than it alleviated. That’s a mistake! Although I felt fine the first few weeks of being sedentary, my stress levels began to rise. My heart would beat at an alarming rate just from simple interactions with heightened emotional energy. It took a few tries to realize that I have much better control of stressful situations when I consistently manage stress through exercise.